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(Artist statement)

I started to be attracted to kimonos from a young age, influenced by my grandmother, who was a shopping queen as well as a kimono lover. I majored in Japanese painting at university with a dream of kimono related art.

I got office work first after graduating however my creating passion did not disappear.
Seven years later, I officially started my carrier as an artist when my painting
"Spring Makeup(春化粧)" won a prize at the Tokyo Wonder Wall Competition.
I took charge of the production of
"46 ceiling paintings" for a Buddhist temple in Tokyo over the course of three years.

I also began to create new pieces in an original style inspired by traditional Japanese kimono craft techniques OSHI-E(押し絵) at this time.
I came across many vintage kimonos that were too damaged to be worn, but too beautiful to be thrown away through my pursuit of art.

In 2010, I moved to New York with the hope to once again bring those kimonos back to life and to show to the world. I engaged in a wide range of art projects in New York including a solo exhibition of
100 KOI carp installations made from kimono silk, making costumes for stage performers, and decorating restaurants. 

I moved to Switzerland in 2015. A
solo exhibition at Château Gutsch was held, a presentation of a piece called “HOPE” at the Japanese Embassy in Switzerland (JICC), as well as a few other exposures in Singapore and Tokyo. My artist carrier is expanding internationally.

I enjoy seeing people taken aback by the beauty of kimonos in my art.
Sometimes they are so moved that they can not resist touching it, which truly brings me joy.


   Born in Kyoto Japan
2010   move to NewYork
2015   move to Bern Switzerland

Selected Solo Exhibition


Case Gallery in Château Gütsch Luzern Switzerland


AKANE Gallery Tokyo


Reso Box Gallery, NY


Reso Box Gallery, NY
AKANE Gallery Tokyo
Gallery Karahashi, Shiga Japan


AKANE Gallery Tokyo
Gallery Karahashi, Shiga Japan


Reso Box Gallery, NY
The Nippon Gallery, NY
(Sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan)

写真 1 のコピー 2.JPG
写真 のコピー 2.JPG

Selected Group Exhibition


2009 − 2023

Sankei Japanese calligraphy exhibition
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Japan)


Soloturn Kunst Super Markt Switzerland


Cool Japan World Trial in Mexico.
Centro Comercial Plaza ( Mexico City)

2012 − 2013

Kizuna Exhibition Charity for Tsunami victim (Shiga Japan)


Tokyo Wonder wall 2006 Exhibition

of award-winning works.
Museum of Contemporary Art of Tokyo (Tokyo Japan)

Education and Membership

Graduated from Kyoto Seika University
[Japanese Classical Painting] ( Japan)

Completed PERSONS School of Design Certificate program [Interior design] ( US )


Advanced Member of Sankei international
Japanese calligraph organization

Obtained O-1 visa for the United States of America
as an Artist, 2011-2014


Berner Zeitung
Gallery Guide ( NY)
Queens Chronicles (NY)
Weekly Biz (US)
Numero (Russia)
The Mainichi News Paper
The Sankei News Paper
Osaka Yomiuri Terevision
Shiga Terevision

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